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MAD FOR IT - SLABS Salt & Vinegar Snack Box

Product Info

Introducing the MAD FOR IT - SLABS Slightly Sea Salted Snack Box

Elevate your snacking adventure with our MAD FOR IT - SLABS Slightly Sea Salted Snack Box!

Packed with over 1.2kg of our subtly seasoned packs and featuring a massive gift tin, this snack box delivers a satisfying crunch that's just right. It's a treasure trove for all those who appreciate the simple and delightful flavour of slightly sea salted crisps with 100% natural ingredients.This box is the perfect partner for all your dipping needs!

What's Inside:

250g Tin of Slightly Sea Salted SLABS: The star of simplicity! Unveil the light and delightful taste with our 250g mega tin of Slightly Sea Salted SLABS. Each slice is seasoned to perfection, offering a crispy bite that lets the natural potato flavour shine.

80g Slightly Sea Salted SLABS (x4): A burst of subtlety in every pack! Receive four 80g packs of Slightly Sea Salted SLABS, providing a perfectly portioned snack wherever your cravings strike.

160g Slightly Sea Salted SLABS (x4): Double the deliciousness! Enjoy the irresistible charm of Slightly Sea Salted SLABS with four 160g packs, perfect for sharing or savouring during cosy those moments together.

Experience snacking simplicity at its finest with our MAD FOR IT - SLABS Slightly Sea Salted Snack Box. From the generous tin to the handy packs, each bite is a celebration of tasteful restraint.

100% real food ingredients: Potato, sunflower oil, olive oil (5%) sea salt (0.5%)

Order now and indulge in snacking satisfaction that's truly MAD FOR IT!

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