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Ok, so what is the big deal with Himalayan Salt, there's a lot of noise about it. Its food, its a mineral and its even a lamp! Salty legend has it that Himalayan salt can be traced back to Alexander the Great and records of it being mined date back to the 1200's. However the scientific benefits of Himalayan salt are mixed but what is totally undisputed is when Himalayan salt is used on a crisp, it just works so well! Inessence Himalayan salted crisps are totally scrummy, the blend of the super thin crisp, just olive oil and salt, well, it just hits the mark every time. I find that plain salted crisps are usually enjoyed by everyone, seems to me that very few people don't like a salted crisp. It's always going to score well at parties and buffets and Rubio's salted crisp is a big hit with us. Three very simple ingredients that go to make up one of the most satisfying bag of crisps you're ever likely to eat, we suggest you buy a minimum of two bags because, trust me, one bag is never enough. We Love Crisps

  • Nutritional Details:

    Per 100g; Protein 5.45g, Carbohydrate 46.7g of which sugar 0.2g, Fat 42g of which saturates 6.74g, Salt 3.10g

  • Ingredients:

    Potatoes, olive oil (42%) and hymalayan pink salt (3%).