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The Great British Munch Off SLABS Snack Box

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Unleash the power of SLABS with this very special Box! Save £2.20 on RRP

Dive into a crunch-filled adventure with these scrumptious goodies:

  1. SLABS Salt & Vinegar (80g) - Tangy meets crunch in this classic combo.
  2. SLABS Cheese & Onion (80g) - A flavor explosion in every bite!
  3. SLABS Salted (80g) - Simply satisfying and always a favorite.
  4. SLABS Egg (80g) - A unique and egg-citing twist to your snacking.
  5. SLABS Chicken (80g) - Roasted chicken flavor that'll leave you clucking for more!
  6. SLABS Truffle (80g) - Unleash the gourmet indulgence on your taste buds.

Not just SLABS crisps, we've got STIXS too!

  1. STIXS Salt - Long and slender sticks of delight!
  2. STIXS Chicken - Crispy perfection with a chicken twist.
  3. STIXS Salt & Vinegar - A tangy and snappy sensation.

Are you ready to embark on this epic SLABS journey...

Occasionally, we might run out of a certain flavour of crisp. If this happens, we will substitute that flavour for the same or similar, albeit with a different brand of crisp. We will ensure the value of that substituted line is no less than the value of the product we have substituted.

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