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INESSENCE EXTRA THICK 125g (4.4oz) sharing bag

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OMG, these super big, super thick crisps are amazing. Four times thicker and bigger than standard crisps, almost like a biscuit, super flat, super thick, making the absolutely perfect for dips, even soft cheeses. The crunch is fabulous, the flavour seems somehow magnified by the size of the crisp, I think it must be just the sheer size of the crisp hitting your flavour palate. Interesting, despite the size of this crisp, I can see that fat and calorie content is no worse and even better than many other hand-cooked fried potato crisps, its a bit like french-fries being fattier than thicker potato wedges, the same is true of thick crisps versus skinny crisps. These are not too salty either which means that they won't overpower the dip you might be eating them with. Rubio as always, indulging us with their use of olive oil, you can really taste the difference this makes, giving a super rich potato note that comes through on every bite. A simply stunning crisp eating experience and one you simply must try. We Love Big Crisps

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    130 g

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  • Nutritional Details:

    Per 100g; Protein 6.38g, Carbohydrate 53.90g of which sugar 1.2g, Fat 29.40g of which saturates 3.4g, Salt 0.4g

  • Ingredients:

    Potatoes, sunflower oil, olive oil and salt.