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SLABS SALT & MALT VINEGAR 160g (5.6oz) mega box of 9 bags

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Gluten Free & Vegetarian

Wow, what a whopping bag of yumminess. SLABS Salt & Malt hits the mark every time and this is a seriously big bag, yes its a sharing bag but with a whole lot more, at 160g, probably one of the biggest sharing bags on the market and I know that a £4 bag of crisps seems pricey but then, these are four times bigger and thicker than standard crisps, they are also made with olive oil and all natural seasonings, in my book, there's very things in life that you can buy for £4 that bring such pleasure to my crispy eating face. We Love Crisps


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    1985 g

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  • Nutritional Details:

    Per 100g; Protein 6.44g, Carbohydrate 57.97g of which sugar 3.75g, Fat 29.15g of which saturates 3.41g, Dietary Fibre 4.65g, Salt 1.87g
    Calories per 100g: 493
    Calories per 30g: 148

  • Ingredients:

    Potato, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Salt and Malt Vinegar Flavour (11%), (Lactose, Salt, Dried Malt Vinegar (contains maltodextrin), Dried Spirit Vinegar, Dried Acetic Acid, Sugar, Citric Acid, Rapeseed Oil)