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CHIPZZ Serrano 150g (5.3oz) sharing bag

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Serrano originates from the Spanish word for Sierra and refers to mountain ranges, so the tradition of curing ham in the hill and mountain landscapes of areas like the Pyrenees and Cantabrian Mountains, so therefore cured hams from these areas are referred to as Serrano hams. CHIPZZ Serrano very cleverly creates a delicious ham flavoured crisp, delicate flavour that builds to a crescendo on the taste buds as you work your way through the pack (we suggest you quaff a cold Spanish beer too). Dariusz, the creator of CHIPZZ is a self confessed foodie who originates from Italy but has spent many years living in Spain where he developed his passion for Spanish food and specifically Serrano ham, when Dariusz created CHIPZZ, to have a Serrano flavoured crisp was simply a must and we agree, its fantastic. CHIPZZ 150g sharing bag of Serrano ham crisps are simply delicious. We love this flavour and We Love Crisps.

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    160 g

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  • Nutritional Details:

    Per 100g: kJ: 2309, Kcal: 555, Fat: 36.3 g, Unsaturated fats 10.61 g Polyunsaturated fats: 21.42 g Saturated fats 4.27 g, Trans fats: g Cholesterol: 5 g Carbohydrates: 49.1 g Sugar: 0.6 g, Dietary, fibres : 4.3 g Protein: 5.7 g, Salt: 1.3 g

  • Ingredients:

    Selected Potatoes: 60.10 %, Sunflower oil: 39.20 %, Salt: 0.70 %