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CHIPZZ Salted 150g (5.3oz) sharing bag

Product Info

CHIPZZ Sal De Mar, or to you and to me, 'Salted', are delicious, why? Firstly, we use the best Spanish potato crops, ensuring quality and colour is the very best then we wash our potatoes in spring water, yes, spring water. Then, using our traditional potato frying cauldron, we fry our potato slices until they are golden and yellow, perfectly crisp, this is the way our fourth generation family of crisp makers have been doing things for decades and decades and is why our crisps are full of flavour and yummy crunch. CHIPZZ are German branded crisps made in Spain, owned by a crazy Italian called Dariusz who also designed the bags. The bags by the way, are paper, a style of packaging that dates back many decades in Spain. The origins of the paper bag date back to when most villages and town had a local baker who also would make fresh crisps each day, so as well as getting your fresh bread you could buy freshly made crisps, sold in paper bags. When you get you CHIPZZ home, open the plastic bag of crisps, pour your crisps into the paper bag and experience crisp eating as it was meant to be. Made with three simple ingredients; potatoes, oil and salt. Simple ingredients that make an amazingly tasty bag of CHIPZZ. We Love Crisps

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    160 g

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  • Nutritional Details:

    Per 100g; kJ: 2211, Kcal: 530.2, Fat: 30.8 g, Unsaturated fats : 8.31 g Polyunsaturated fats: 20.59 g Saturated fats 3.5 g, Trans fats: 0.02 g Cholesterol: 5 g Carbohydrates: 52.3 g, Sugar: 0.9 g Dietary fibres : 7.7 g, Protein: 7.1 g, Salt: 0.6 g

  • Ingredients:

    Selected Potatoes: 60.10 %, Sunflower oil: 39.20 %, Salt: 1 %